Tips for managing data usage on your mobile broadband

Tips for managing data usage on your mobile broadband

If you have a mobile broadband connection set up, then here are a few tips that will leave you with data remaining at the end of the month, instead of an unexpected excess usage charge:

Know what’s using data and how much it’s using

Everything you do online will use some data; from reading an email to uploading a movie. Our Data Calculator will give you a better idea of how much data different.

Don’t forget that both your downloads AND uploads come out of your monthly allowance.

Limit auto system/app updates

Just like your phone, your computer also needs regular updates. By default, system and app updates will automatically download when your computer is connected to the net. These usually run in the background, and can quickly use up a big chunk of data.

You can change when/how your computer downloads these updates.

Keep it secure

As the name suggests, your Pocket WiFi broadcasts a WiFi network that anyone can try and connect to when in range. By setting up your password, everyone will be able to see your WiFi network, but they’ll only be able to connect if you give them the password.

Switch it off when you’re not using it

Or unplug it, if it’s a USB modem. If it’s not plugged in/switched on, then you won’t be able to use any data. Easy!

Most  importantly…

Keep track of your usage

You can check how much data you’ve got left for the month by logging into My Vodafone.

If you’re not registered already, then it will only take a couple of minutes to sign up. My Vodafone also allows you to manage your account details.

You can also set up alerts that’ll let you know once you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included usage.

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